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INMINE is a joint Venture between Schmitt Werke and Indurad. iROADHEADER features radar solutions developed in exclusive cooperation.

Schmitt Werke is a family-owned group of engineering companies in the fourth generation based in Bischofsheim in Northern Bavaria. Based on its own in-house machining and fabrication expertise, the company designs, develops and distributes a wide range of innovative products for general plant engineering, mining and tunnelling and the bulk materials handling industries. Its member company, IBS IndustriemaschinenBergbau-Service GmbH, has over 40 years’ experience in roadheaders for mining and tunnelling.

indurad is a high tech mining sensor and software company with a team of more than 50 engineers focusing on radar technology, embedded processing and software applications as turnkey solutions. indurad has been founded in 2008 as a spinoff from Germany’s Nº 1 engineering university RWTH Aachen in response to a pool of several mining companies and OEMs asking for robust radar technology and smart solutions. indurad offers collision avoidance, positioning and online volumetric measurement solutions. Key applications besides iRoadheader are the iBelt for conveyor volume flow, bulk level measurement and coal rail loadout automation.



iRoadheader has been designed to meet the real needs of operators, their families and mine management.

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid: Every operator can work with the solution based on minimal training, on the job. iRoadheader enables teleremote control with the feeling of being right at the face.

Remote cutting Advantages

Operator Workplace Ergonomics
• Low Dust, Low Noise, Low Vibration

Operator Machine Safety
• No Squeezing Danger
• No Rockfall Danger

Operator Outburst Safety
• Not in hazardous zone near face
• Safe Distance of >250m

Technology Advantages

Heavy Duty Radar Sensors
• 100% Robust Radar Technology
• No sensitive Surveying Lasers

Realtime Online Measurement
• Online Nonstop Machine Location
• Light machines with Chain Slippage

Flexible Copper / Fibre Optic Data Link
• Copper – DSL>3.000m
• Fibre – high bandwidth>10.000m
• Power LAN Machine2Cab

Positioning Advantages

Profile Accuracy
• Low Undercut, Low Overcut
• High Productivity and Low Cycle Times

Better View in 3D
• Various 2D and 3D Views
• No Dust, Daylight

• Full Cut Documentation and Best Practice



iRoadheader allows a wide range of scenarios from arched shaped roadways over cross cuts to rectangular roadways.

iRoadheader is offered from a basic package with multiple extensions, to allow maximum flexibility and staged integration.



iRaodheader is designed to be applied on new machines as well as retrofit on existing machines.

Various machines have been retrofitted and various new machines delivered since 2014. Reference details are available at request.


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